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Here at Squash, we provide high quality 3D visuals, animations. We work with designers, manufacturers, architects and leading companies in delivering their projects, ranging from product concepts, interior layouts, industrial designs and walk-through animations.


We love design, and pride ourselves on furthering our knowledge of the latest software and techniques to produce the best quality within your time frame to meet the deadline. All at the right price.

Contact us with just a few details for a quote on your visual needs.

About Us
Exterior 3D visual of garden building

Our 3D visuals utilise realistic daylight systems, based on accurate location data. With full control of the time of day to produce just the right setting for your renders, from dusk till dawn. 

3D interior visuals created to set the scene, help understand the lighting and give the client near photo-realistic visuals for project presentations and sign-off. 3D visualisation gives you the closest representation of the intended result before production / manufacture.

Retail design - interior render
Retail design - furniture visual

With our background in product / furniture development, we really understand the benefits of visualisation for furniture. Using 3D renders to help decide on material changes and combinations, suitability to product packaging and market research. Using 3D visuals helps gauge your target audiences' interest before committing. 

Floor plans for the most part allow professionals to create the right space. Exporting the CAD into our 3D software allows us to visualise an accurate rendering, giving the client a better understanding of the space available and how it would best work for them.

Floor plan - 3d render retail plan

Product concepts and development can be expensive and time consuming. 3D visuals of your product or new idea can help understand it, develop it, increase crowd funding or aid with sign-off. The future of VR in this area is guaranteed to bring further benefits to 3D  products for companies and consumers as well as instructional videos.

We can import pretty much any CAD format to create the 3D visuals you see in our gallery, all without disrupting your teams' workflow. 3D visuals developed from the hard work and time already invested in you products, from your own library of drawings and products.

3D modelling design

Producing motion graphics to better explain your product

or company's purpose to the desired audience,

...using your existing CAD,

    or even straight from a sketch...

...we model, we animate,

            we video edit, we develop...



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